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Widely regarded as one of the best states to live in, Michigan is located in the Great Lakes region and traditionally belongs to the heartland of the northeastern part of the United States!

Michigan is the 10th largest state by population with area of 10,000 square miles. Of 10 million Michiganders, there are approximately 300,000 Asian including more than 70,000 with Chinese heritage. That is ranked 13th amount the 50 states in America. Also, there are more than 10,000 Chinese students studying in Michigan’s high schools and universities. 

Michigan is the most important automobile producer in the United States and the world, and also one of the important agricultural states in the United States. As the main manufacturing location of American cars and trucks, Michigan’s automobile production accounts for 22% of the United States. Half of the world’s 150 largest auto parts suppliers are in Michigan. Michigan is also striving to develop high-tech and information industries, such as life sciences, information technology, and advanced manufacturing.

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Our Mission

Make Michigan a better place to live!

Our mission is to show the beauty of  Michigan and illustrate why it’s such an amazing place to live. We strive to help more people call Michigan home by promoting the state in terms of living conditions, culture, and societies to Chinese communities both inside and outside of Michigan.

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    Make people’s American dream come true in Michigan. 让更多的华人在密西根实现美国梦。
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    Make Michigan a more investment-friendly state and create more jobs. 让自己培养出来的优秀人才留在密西根。  
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    Share the living experience and local knowledge/data such as attractions, schools, housing info. 让密西根的华人生活更丰富多彩。

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    Promote Michigan living and support the local community. 让世界上更多华人了解密西根。  
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