Ready for the blooming flower?

Spring in Michigan is short and charming. A bit of cold still lingers, but there’s also a refreshing burst of warmness. Everything from plants to trees are revived with vibrant colors, showing spring is full of life. Spring is also one of the best times to go out for walks.
In Michigan, you can go to a quiet town like Holland to experience a rural style of life. Holland features the steady rhythm of horse-drawn carriages, a big red lighthouse on the banks of a clear cobalt lake, and the beautiful patchwork of colorful tulips. Additionally, you could also explore the Upper Peninsula. Wonders of the city include shipwrecks, colonial fortresses, and several kilometers of snowmobile trails. Typical university towns, like Ann Arbor and East Lansing, are moved into full swing in spring. You could read a book, sit by the lake, smell the flowers, listen to the birds, and just quietly feel the beauty of spring.


Enjoy the summer vibe

Everything is prosperous, and the Michigan coast becomes pure and warm. Forest-covered state parks, clear skies, and vibrant urban landscapes bring peace and adventure to Michigan in the summer. In parks, you will be able to encounter breathtaking scenery and enjoy the peace of nature when you cycle or hike along certain trails. You can visit various fun music festivals: including The Cherry Festival in Traverse City and the Summer Christmas in Little Bavaria. At night,  the summer sky is rich and beautiful, with the glow of fireflies combined with stars and a bright moon.


Getaway from the urban life

Although cold and brisk, Autumn in Michigan can be regarded as the most beautiful season of the four: the picturesque autumn colors, exquisite wineries,  and apple orchards, and cozy atmosphere all show the charm of Michigan’s autumn. In northern Michigan, the Wild Boar Mountain Porcupine Mountain Wilderness, the Lake Of The Clouds, and the Keweenaw Peninsula in the peninsula are paradises for photographers and tourists. Take three or five friends to enjoy the lake, camp, watch the sunrise, and quietly enjoy the beauty of nature. Driving along the road in autumn is like going through a colorful tunnel. The sun shines through branches and mottled spots of light while the leaves turn into vibrant fall colors.


Explore the snow

The winter in Michigan is renowned for a heavy snowfall, cold temperatures, and frigid winds. Although the bitter cold wind might keep you indoors, watching the gentle snow can make you truly feel the beauty and fun of winter.  Go skiing on high mountains, sledding on steep hills, or just stay inside with a cup of hot chocolate! Find friends to make snowmen or have snowball fights in the yard to bring you back to the joy of childhood. There is more to discover in Michigan in winter. Put on your cotton-padded jacket and snow boots and go out and walk- winters in Michigan are truly one of a kind!